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24 October, 2008

Call for Silly Papers: the 200th CPM Discussion paper

The Centre for Policy Modelling Discussion paper series has almost reached number 200. So, in the spirit of paper number 100 ( or the Annals of Improbably Research (, we are inviting submissions for paper number 200.

The rules are as follows:

1. All submissions have to be recognisably a social simulation paper. However unlike other social simulation papers ;-), we are looking for papers that are silly, satirical, funny, nonsensical, off-beat or just plain weird (they do not have to be *all* of these things but at least one).

2. All submissions must be received by by the end of Friday 21st November in one of the following formats: txt, pdf, doc or html. Late submissions will be lost with a probability that is proportional to some very large number.

3. Submissions may be of any length. Papers that do not adhere to this requirement will be rejected out of hand.

4. The papers will be objectively judged by a panel of independent experts.

5. The opinions of those experts will be studiously ignored. The papers will then be judged by Bruce Edmonds, Shah Alam, David Hales and V. Lewskogski whose opinions shall be final (if sampled over a short enough time period).

6. The selected paper (or papers) will be published to world-wide acclaim as CPM Report number 200 (see

7. Post -Modernist papers pretending to be silly social simulation papers to try and fool us (ala Sokal) will be physically deconstructed.

8. The recycling of papers is strongly encouraged on environmental grounds, so dig out all your past, rejected papers that you thought were sensible, seminal and serious.

9. The winner will be announced here at and elsewhere.


Bruce Edmonds, Shah Alam, David Hales, V. Lewscogski